We are a curious and continuously learning multidisciplinary team that operates from different parts of the world to create valuable projects for society, our customers, and their end users.
Jose Berrio

Product Director

One of the premiere product developers in Colombia, Jose is an expert at prototyping the most challenging of clients concepts. One of his greatest achievements is the creation of a team in which innovation and prototyping is a lifestyle: the BTi team.

    Specialty: MVP
    Ángela Boyacá

    Prototyping Manager

    As BTi Lab’s General Director, Ángela has led over 80 prototyping projects within different companies. She is an expert in Validation Strategies, able to identify meaningful insights during the prototyping and user testing sages of design.

      Validation Strategies
      Lina Montoya

      Operational manager

      Lina is an expert in Strategic Planning to achieve innovation competencies like the Design Thinking and Design Sprint methodologies within organizations. She holds an MA degree in Innovation Entrepreneurship from Antwerp Management School.

        Innovation management
        Herwin Quijano

        Lead Developer

        Herwin´s focus is product development, where he turns ideas into concrete objects and physical prototypes through experimentation. He has led over 50 projects from concept stage through pilot testing.

          Product and service development
          Paola Bello Cárdenas

          Junior Developer

          Paola devises disruptive concepts and methodologies. Paola’s strategic mindset allows her to approach adverse challenges in a calculated and methodical way. She is knowledgeable in "Fast Prototyping" strategies and skilled in the usage of toolkits.

            Lucas López

            Senior Developer

            Lucas is an expert in project conceptualization, and is committed to finding solutions to challenges. His empathetic spirit and motivational approach creates an easygoing environment always brings out the best in his team.

              Conceptualization and Ideation
              Daniel Ortíz

              Senior Backend Developer

              Daniel’s experience in the integration and automation of backend business processes allows him to realize business process KPIs. He is able to determine KPIs and facilitate their implementation for clients.

                Backend Development and Proximity
                Edith Morales

                Administrative Director

                Edith oversees the administrative and financial needs of BTi. She is responsible for payroll and invoicing, financial monitoring, budget allocation, and human resources as well as the company’s clientele and assets.

                  Administration and Financial Management
                  Brayan Saenz

                  Logistics Coordinator

                  Brayan oversees the logistics of the company and is committed to supporting the team by securing all of the necessary supplies and documents for every project, ensuring everything is coordinated on time.

                    Kendra Moreno

                    Commercial coordinator

                    Kendra is able to tackle challenges rapidly and with a high standard of achievement. She is an Industrial Designer with extensive experience in workshop coordination for innovative prototyping.

                      Project Strategy and Conceptualization
                      Simón Hernández

                      Junior Developer

                      Simón is an expert at producing interactive, inspiring, comical,and intuitive experiences as digital product designs and prototypes. He is an industrial designer with outstanding abilities in showcasing innovation in every project.

                        Digital prototypes and UX
                        Óscar González

                        Senior Developer

                        Óscar is an expert interface designer for mobile and desktop applications based off of design metrics and Google design material. He is also skilled at implementing visual interfaces, with HTML5 layout languages and CSS libraries.

                          Design and Implementation
                          Juan Pablo C Mejía

                          Implementation Manager

                          Juan Pablo leads BTi’s technology team. He is an expert in the creation of and support for applications, information technology systems, software architecture, and the development of experimental technologies. Juan Pablo has sold six StartUps and has created more than 300 technological developments.

                            Software Architecture and UX
                            Jhonny Martínez

                            Director of Operations for BTi Tech

                            Jhonny is an expert in software development with Javascript and Python technologies with additional knowledge in cloud technologies. As Project Director, he has been instrumental in the planning and implementation of the projects conceived at Bti Tech.

                              Infrastructure and Cloud Services
                              Camilo Arévalo

                              Operational Controller

                              Camilo is continuously attentive to understanding clients’ needs. His expertise bridges BTi’s conceptualization and implementation teams. With the unique ability to translate the desires and expectations of the client, he communicates the needs that the DevTeam then turn into technological solutions.

                                Customer Service
                                Andrés Doncel

                                User Experience Developer

                                Andrés generates digital content development in JavaScript technologies. He can create products with innovative interactions, and is committed to creating enriching and unique user experiences.

                                  Development and Implementation
                                  Edgar Rodríguez

                                  Senior Developer

                                  Edgar is a consultant in technical processes.He has over 20 years of experience in the field of information gathering, development, testing, quality tracking systems, and logistics.

                                    Consulting and IT Management