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Food Solutions

Common practices for kitchen product companies’ brand awareness include demonstrations and tastings. Brand ambassadors are constantly  traveling to vendors and kitchens where their products are used. To optimize the brand ambassadors’ time and their efficiency during these daily visits, we designed a platform that allows brand ambassadors to manage their schedules  and follow-ups in real time.

Field visits

During the prototyping process, we conducted field visits to understand the day-to-day jobs of the brand ambassadors. We designed a platform that generates appointment agendas based on location and weather conditions while continuously updating based off of cancelations to generate an efficient and successful agenda.

With the concept complete, we continued to the implementation phase where we created a PWA platform (progressive web application). This application was developed with angular technologies, the ionic 3 development framework, and was integrated with Google maps and databases with Mongo DB and Firebase. The application was created to optimize and monitor the visits of brand ambassadors in real time.

“The prototyping process and the iteration sessions complemented by updates managed to design a platform that has achieved an innovative solution for the company”

Free Trade Manager

The platform optimizes the generation of appointments based on the efficiency of the daily routes and according to the priority of potential sales. The application monitors the efficiency of both as it is used to optimize future routes and agendas. It has features such as administration of daily, weekly, and monthly agendas, integrations with google maps to calculate optimal routes, warnings and notifications of concerns and scheduling changes, notifications regarding physical proximity to vendors, and a log of supplies, recipes, and tips that assist in product sales.





field tests






Increase in daily appointments due to the efficiency of the tool’s management of routes and scheduling


Improvement in appointment agendas as a result of transportation algorithms and the implementation of vendor priority