Angular 6


Internal purchases

We designed and implemented a platform for large organizations with complex internal operating structures that manages the purchasing process as well as the deployment of purchased goods and services.

Change management

The previous operating procedure surrounding purchases was slow and inefficient. A change was clearly required, however change was made difficult as a result of the preexisting technical and cultural infrastructure. Aside from the outdated technological systems, we had to transform a reactive culture where error correction consumed all available time leaving none for preventative measures.  We introduced a collaborative method where all actors clear information as they go to avoid confusion and double workloads.

To accomplish this we worked alongside leadership to replace the previous and inefficient process with a co-created process that proved  more user-friendly and effective. The new system optimized shopping forms on a collaborative and modular platform, enabling feedback, traceability, and transparency throughout the process.

“After employees got passed the learning curve of the new app, they were able to reduce the time needed to process new purchase requests.”

Co-leader of the purchase transformation project

After the prototyping process, we moved into the implementation stage where we developed a PWA platform (progressive web app). We created the platform with intention to streamline the purchasing process  within the organization. We leveraged Angular 2 development technologies and database management in Firebase to accomplish this goal.





field tests






Decrease in the average time required for purchase request creation and delivery, decreasing from 2 hours to approximately 20 minutes


Optimization in process for reviewing and approving purchase requests